About us

Lower Peninsula Threads is a clothing company that began in 2014. It opened on Etsy under the name Maroon Moon Shop and later hit a rebrand and became LPThreads. 

We have come a long way since 2014. Selling nationally and internationally, attending dozens of events, pop up shops, and online sales, and only just beginning the journey. 

LPThreads was created by Kristen Dreyer at the age of 15. Selling bracelets and beanies to her friends in high school as a side hustle quickly turned into a real business. 

Creativity, Inclusivity, and sustainability are the main goals at LPThreads. We want to make unique sustainable pieces that are fit for everyone. 
Follow your passions, and they will lead you to great things. 

Thank you for reading, we cannot wait to show you what’s next here at LPThreads.